lunes, agosto 13, 2007

12 Hour Comics Day


 On October 20, 2007 hundreds of cartoonists around the world will unite for a single purpose, to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours.

But here in Puerto Rico, we are a little impatient.

On June 9th we did our own 24 hour comic event, and the tale of that day can be read later in this blog. But we had so much fun that we decided to do it again, in less time so that more people could join us.

So the 12 Hour Comic Book Day - Form Dusk Till Dawn was born. From Saturday August 11 at 6:00pm to Sunday August 12 at 6:00 am a group of brave cartoonists took the challenge and participated in the magic of comics.

Once again the event was in Red Goblin, the toy and collectibles store in Cupey Professional Mall, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We had from the Don Algaro comics group Manuel Carmona, Efraín Morales, Miguel Angel Sanjurjo and Joel Vazquez. And we had lots of people that were not professional cartoonist, but got swept on the event and started doodling. Even José (Gigio) Esterás, co-owner of Red Goblin started drawing too.
We know that not all people would take the challenge, but everyone likes to have fun, so we had many activities besides cartooning.

Some people played role playing games, others entertained themselves with a Wii that arrived in Red Goblin during the event. Others enjoyed the movie marathon that started with Crank, followed by 300 and other movies and animé.

At 4:30 pm the event was stopped because the lights went out at the mall and we were running the store with the emergency generator. At that time all cartoonists had finished their comics and we were just watching the Flash Gordon movie. So it was time to pack up, wake the people who tried to sleep among the mayhem and finish the party with breakfast at Denny's.

We really had a great time, thanks to the Red Goblin crew for hosting the event and everyone that kept us alive with food and liquids during the night. It was a blast !

And we will be back in October 20 for the big one ! If you want to know more about 24 Hour Comics check out so that you can learn more about the event and see where in the world you can see a 24 Hour comics team working on their comics!

Here are more photos from the event! And if you want to see more join us at the message board (Foro) of !

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